Sun Moon Lake 1-Day Boat Roamer ticket(Unlimited hop-on/hop-off)

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Sun Moon Lake 1-Day Boat Roamer ticket(Unlimited hop-on/hop-off)


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Enjoy the tour at Shuishe, Xuanguang Temple and Ita Thao as many times as you like within the day. You can appreciate the beauty of Sun Moon Lake and bring home with you a piece of memory. It is one of the best tours you cannot miss.

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    即日起 ~ 2025/04/16

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【Product including】

Sun Moon Lake 1-Day Boat Roamer ticket  x 1


Come to Sun Moon Lake-known as “Little Venice in Taiwan” -and explore the stunning view by the “water bus”, our captain aboard will provide you a guide to the must-see attractions along with way. By purchasing the 1-day ticket, you can get around Shuishe, Xuanguang and Ita Thao as many times as you want for any boat schedule within the day. The 1-day tickets can be used regardless of weekdays or weekends, winter or summer vacations. Neither extra fee nor reservation is required. Additional sailings are based on number of passengers, which will meet your travel needs.

※By presenting the QR Code on your order for check-in, the Sun Moon Lake Yacht Fleet staff in blue vest at Shuishe Pier, Xuanguang Pier or Ita Thao Pier (Boarding is available at all three piers.) will give you hard copy boat tickets for boarding.


※Sun Moon Lake Boat Timetable:

To board the boat on weekdays, please find the staff in blue vest to check in 5-10 minutes in advance.

Holiday schedule is relatively flexible. Boat comes every 15-20 minutes. Please refer to the staff for any questions on the boarding time.


※Check-in Counter:

Shuishe Pier:Around 20 meters away from Shuishe Pier Plaza (down the stairs and turn right), you will see “Sun Moon Lake Yacht Fleet”. Exchange tickets and have your hand stamped at the check-in area. (The boarding area is the last yacht on the right at the 4th pier.)

【Plaza at Shuishe Pier】

【Check-in Counter of Sun Moon Lake Yacht Fleet at Shuishe Pier】


※Xuanguang Pier:Get to the boarding area at the 1st pier and find the Sun Moon Lake Yacht Fleet staff in blue vest for check-in. Hard copy boat tickets will be given by the staff while getting off the yacht at Ita Thao Pier or Shuishe Pier.

【Boarding Point at Xuanguang Pier】


※Ita Thao Pier:Get the hard copy boat tickets at the eighth ticket window of the boat ticket office at the 1st floor of the Ita Thao Visitor Center. (The boarding area is at the 2nd pier.)

【Check-in Counter at Ita Thao Pier】

【Boarding Point at Ita Thao Pier】

※Repurchase is required if tickets are lost. Tickets will not be refundable once they are used or damaged.

※In case of dense fog, typhoon (suspension of service announced by Nantou County Government) and poor weather conditions, etc., the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration will announce sailing ban based on safety consideration.

※If the schedule is delayed due to weather or other irresistible factors, compensation shall not be required.

※Bike is allowed on board depending on the boat type. Please refer to the staff for availability. The fee is NTD. 100 per bike.

※The last boat leaves at 15:00 at Shuishe Pier, 15:20 at Xuanguang Pier, and 15:40 on Ita Thao Wharf on Lunar New Year’s Eve.

※Inapplicable period: Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnival (Please refer to the announcement by the organizer or contact the yacht fleet to confirm the date.)

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